Toy Store Delivery Truck 2

The Sequel Of Our Award Winning Kids App.


The long-awaited sequel to our most successful kids game is finally here! Get your kids excited about learning and being challenged while having fun with Toy Store Delivery Truck 2!

7 different gameplays to truly challenge your child.

The entire educational experience, including coloring toys very specific colors to move on to the next level, to putting toys up for sale on shelves of the toy store incorporate key cognitive and interactive learning elements.

Many top teachers and educators as well as parents have already tested and approve of Toy Store Delivery Truck as an excellent game for your child to learn from.

Special features

  • Imagination: Color toys in exact schemes to move on to the next level.
  • Counting: Count down from 10 to 1 in an exciting yet simple manner.
  • Memory: Find the lost toys in the factory through an entertaining puzzle game.
  • Role Play: Be the driver of the delivery truck on the road, dodging traffic, and arrive at the toy store.
  • Number Recognition: Arrive at the toy store to trace all the numbers.
  • Matching: Unload the toy truck and match each case with its corresponding color and number.
  • Shape Recognition: Package toys so they are available for sale by matching the shape of each toy with its corresponding silhouette.



I really love the graphics! They are very well done and will surely attract children’s attention. Also, this app combines many different tasks (puzzle, counting, etc) in one place. Great resource as the kids will not get bored.

Anonymous from PreApps


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